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Exciting News From Athena’s

Athena’s is excited to announce some exciting new changes!   First up is our brand new delicious brunch menu, which is served from Tuesday through Sunday 10AM – 2PM. On our menu you can see a variety of options, from our breakfast burrito which consists of scrambled eggs, peppered bacon, onions, peppers, and cheese, served with freshly made salsa to

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Introducing Chef Tretsky: A Culinary Delight!

Athena VII welcomes a new chef boasting impeccable experience in the culinary industry. Melea Tretsky graduated from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school with a bachelor’s degree in Cuisine, Business, Hospitality Management, and Nutrition in 2008. Tretsky went on to own a Kosher boutique restaurant on the Jersey Shore for eight years after college.   Kosher eating extends beyond religious practices

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Utah Farms

So, I see a lot of content by others that seems very relevant to those living in the amazing State of Utah. A particular video (link below) reminded me of something I need to have more awareness of; the need for local farms, that is, if we are going to have a source for local food. As an occasional developer

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Athena VII

The Dirty Dozen

THE DIRTY DOZEN Here at Athena Beans, we always hope to educate the public as we learn about subjects that impact our community. We take pride in growing some of our own produce in our little garden here. Take a look at the article below about “The Dirty Dozen.”   What is The Dirty Dozen list?   The Environmental Working

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Lactic Acid Benefits

Athena’s is considering bringing back Kimchi because it is delicious and very healthy. Check out this article by one of our vendors. We use one of their products in our little garden out back as well. Microbs, microbs…..very interesting benefits for all of life. Here’s the reprint and link to the full article. Source: What is Lactic Acid? Lactic

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Ethylene Oxide levels, and Sandy Air Quality

Like many of you I’m guessiing, Athena’s just received a letter today inviting us to sign up for a virtual event regarding EPA identified levels of Ethylene Oxide in Sandy. From this website, , I have reprinted this statement summarizing the issue: ” BD Medical is located at 9450 South State Street, Sandy, UT. The facility uses ethylene oxide

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