Utah Farms

So, I see a lot of content by others that seems very relevant to those living in the amazing State of Utah. A particular video (link below) reminded me of something I need to have more awareness of; the need for local farms, that is, if we are going to have a source for local food.

As an occasional developer I understand that finding a nice large piece of land that you can change into a subdivision has got to be good, right? That’s a developers job, it’s how they support their family, get successful, and provide the much needed homes for all those people wanting to move out of their congested cities and into a more desirable area (I’m guessing it goes something like that). But without thinking it through, the desire for the growth, for the homes, for the business and tax revenues can become the push that begins to lower many of the qualities that attracts people to the area.

It does seem odd that at a time when ‘local’ is being promoted as highly desirable, so many of our local producing capabilities are diminishing.

If you have a few minutes, take a look at this video. Utah Farms Vs. Insane Real Estate Prices – YouTube

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