Why Athena?

Why Athena?

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You might know Athena as the Greek goddess of war. But we at Athena Beans Coffee and Bistro take more inspiration from her other hallmarks – wisdom, handicraft and devotion to community. 

The Greek city bearing Athena’s name is known for cultivating some of history’s greatest philosophers: Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras and Socrates among them. These great thinkers dedicated their lives to the pursuit of wisdom and encouraged people to engage in thoughtful conversations. 

We pay tribute to that legacy by creating an environment for those conversations and hope students, collaborators and creators feel at home here. 

We aspire to maintain that level of thoughtfulness with the food we prepare. Whether it’s our popular breakfast burritos or our smooth cold brew, we prepare it with a level of care that salutes the goddess of handiwork. 

Finally, we aim to embody Athena’s spirit as a protector of cities by having a local emphasis. Most of the artwork on display was made by talented local artists and is available to purchase, and much of our food – including coffee beans and tortillas – are from local vendors. 

As for the space upstairs, we envision it as a community hub where friends and neighbors engage with each other – whether at public forums or weekly open mic nights.

Thank you for visiting, and let us know if there’s something we can do to better embody our mantra: 

Helping inspire people through knowledge and conversation.

-Athena Beans Coffee and Bistro staff

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