What’s new at Athena’s?

What’s new at Athena’s?

Athena's Updates

Here’s a quick update on exciting things happening at Athena’s.

You probably didn’t notice, but there was a lot of construction around Athena’s this past summer, and ‘finally’, it’s almost at an end. With it, came a new LED sign out on 90th that lets drivers know what’s happening at Monroe Plaza which Athena’s will use to display upcoming events and specials!

New Menu /

Our menu is evolving and will continue to do so as we move ever closer to our brand of healthy, delicious food based in large part on local, organic products. To complement our local foods, we’ve completed Athena’s new grow boxes. They are ready for use in the spring when we are planning to plant a range of fresh herbs and vegetables that can move from the garden to the plate. There is nothing more delicious and nutrient-packed than fresh from the garden, and we couldn’t be more excited for this much-needed improvement to our cuisine.

Coffee specials /

You probably already know, we feature a delicious, darker brew espresso and drip that provides rich coffee that comes through in our drinks, whether black or with your choice of milk or sweeteners. And if you’re up for a new adventure try one of Madi’s new specialty drinks named after the Greek Gods. The Athena specialty drink highlights our amazing dark roast drip, something hard to find in the salt lake valley.

Note: If you have comments or suggestions for Athena’s, you can send these to: [email protected]

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