Hi Yawl,

I can say that because I basically grew up a country boy, riding horses and motorcycles just up the canyon from where Athena’s now sits.

We always had fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables, and pretty much everything we ate was produced locally.

The soil was rich and fed microbe-rich manures each year. I think that was a time when it was easier to have nutrient-rich produce. And the flavor of these nutrient-rich foods was amazing.

Now, it’s a bit harder to get that wonderful food into my diet, but we are working toward that at Athena’s. We truly believe that the fresher the produce and the more nutrient-rich the soil, and consequently the food, the better health we can achieve.

It’s a bit oversimplifying, but as those who know me will attest, I live by a pretty basic set of health theories. The key one is ‘Take in fewer toxins, and get more nutrients’. Because of the difficulty in managing this on a daily basis, I’m always on the lookout for clean, food-based supplements to complement my diet and fill in the nutrition gaps. Several years ago I found the one below and have been real happy with the results. I’ve spoken with Josh many times when I had questions regarding his product and finally asked for his permission to offer this for sell at Athena’s.

Whether you are interested in trying this, or have another product, or better yet, have a year-round garden, you may find information on this site helpful. We use this product in our smoothies as an add-on and sell it at the shop

VitaForce is the product and here is a link to their website:

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