Not so known vendors, Utah

Not so known vendors, Utah

Health and Nutrition

Here’s an article from one of our ‘not so known’ vendors that you might find interesting. It’s not a new idea, but one that’s worth keeping for-front in our minds.

At Athena’s, many of the foods we use in our menu are on the ‘healthy’ list (see link below). I also use some of the products by this company personally and on our Bistro Garden.

[The Content below is from Teraganix. Check it out.]

Staying healthy stronger immune system in half the time! Antioxidants play an integral role in our body’s health. From assisting with cell repair to fighting off severe illness, our bodies need enough antioxidants to maintain balance and keep us healthy.  Let’s take a closer look at what antioxidants do, how they work, and how you can start prioritizing them into your diet today!

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