Lactic Acid Benefits

Lactic Acid Benefits

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Here’s the reprint and link to the full article.

What is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid forms in our bodies in two ways, through anaerobic respiration and digesting fermented foods. It’s one of the most common probiotics in fermented foods and can be used to fight off bad bacteria in our guts. 

During anaerobic respiration, our bodies produce lactic acid in our guts and deposit it into the bloodstream. From there, it helps fuel our muscles and our heart during extensive exercising. At one time, lactic acid was thought to cause unwanted muscle soreness after exercising, but that later proved not true.

You may have heard of lactic acid in a negative connotation, such as Lactic Acidosis. This is when your body increases its lactic acid production which can cause an unwanted build-up in the bloodstream.

However, this is no reason to limit your lactic acid intake or avoid fermented foods because it’s an integral part of normal bodily function. The mitochondria need it for energy, our cells need it to act as a signaling molecule and it helps us with glucose production.

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